New Goals

My new goals?

Well they haven’t changed that much to be sure… although they also have, perhaps a more rounded ‘healthy me’!

I have started writing a journal. Yes this website is sort of a journal but I downloaded two ‘jounaling prompts’ and I am using these every few days to journal.

30 day emotional eating journal from Live The whole. com

30 day emotional eating challenge from Christin Morgan

I think they popped up on Pintrest and I got sucked into reading them and since I have been reading so much and as well as meditation, journalling keeps popping up ,the time was right for me to get my pad and pen ready.  There is a wee bit of overlap, did they use the same template? Anyway I have grateful and they are providing an interesting insight!

Day 2 prompt: What do you want out of live?

Why have I never asked myself that before? Are we too busy treading water, trying to stay afloat that we never think to ask ourselves, What do I want?  What do you want, do you know?

What I wrote ” Health. Love. Fun. Respect. Sexual Intimacy. Financial Independence. Stimulating, engaging, Fun activities. Meaningful and loving relationships”.

What Do I Make Sure I get it?  What a great question…how do I? How do YOU?

Health – exercise, eat well, eat balanced meals with nutrients. Ensure I get vitamins, daylight, eat enough, not too much. Ensure adequate rest.

Love – be loving in order to receive and be worthy of receiving love.

Fun – do things I enjoy. See things and do things In everyday life that give me pleasure.

Respect – be respectful to others, then there is no reason for them not to respect you. If they do, then the fault does not lie with me.

Sexual Intimacy – engage in sexual intimacy, initiate, encourage, tempt, please and be pleased.

Financial Independence – invest time and effort into the business to make it the best I can make it. Then allow others to do the tasks to give me the freedom to do more of the pleasurable activities.

Stimulating Engaging, Fun Activities – Seek out new and current activities which give me the stimulation I enjoy, with other people. If they prove not to be fun, then move onto other things.

Meaningful and Lovely Relationships – spend time with people who I treasure and who mean the world to me. Value those I love and enjoy being around. Make time for them.

Quite a bit different from the last goals of two years previously and yet not… as Day 4 prompt was: This year I most want to… and I will achieve this by…

This year I want most to be 57kg again and walk the PCT. I will achieve this by walking sensible each day, listening to my body and feet and sticking to my healthy eating plan.

My mind map goals for 2017 are below… the steps and the sit-ups etc are still there but hopefully a more rounded picture?





One thought on “New Goals

  1. Oh my gosh – Hi! I love that you’re using my challenge to help you out. Your answers are so interesting. It’s very cool that you’re able to be so open and reflective with them. If you ever need a hand, just ask 🙂


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